Hi, I’m Adrienne, and I’ve been cursed with the desire to write for movies and TV, which means I’m currently a mostly stay-at-home mom who writes scripts during nap-time and prays ceaselessly that God will help me find someone who wants to make my movies. And while I wait for that to happen, I watch a lot of TV.

I have two little boys, ages 3 years and 5 months, so there’s at least some occasional kids and family TV on in our house during the day.

As for my husband Luke and me, I am not ashamed to say that we watch TV every night. Between my toddler’s 8 p.m. bedtime and my baby’s 10 p.m. last feeding is the somewhat sacred time we get together as a couple. Now sometimes we spend part of that time doing our daily prayers if we haven’t had the chance earlier, or I might read or work on a script while Luke does homework for a while, or we might spend a good part of that time talking etc. But we always spend at least part of that lovely children-sleeping time watching a show or movie and eating some dessert (or popcorn, or a drink!)

I don’t think time spent watching TV is time wasted. Luke and I talk about the show – the writing quality, the moral issues… And of course we get pulled into the story just like everyone else does.

Movies and especially TV take viewers on a journey. They give us new friends in a way, and we become invested. And while I will never join the ranks of those Catholics and Christians who have given up on TV because of the widespread dirtiness and sin often shown, I don’t treat everything out there as fair game. I think we need to be discerning in what content we choose to become invested in.

Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to share my entertainment findings with like-minded Catholics. I want to recommend the shows and movies that I have loved, and tell you what I’ve watched that I’ve wished I wouldn’t have. And everything in between.


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