Catholic-Perspective Review of Female Superhero Movie Wonder Woman

After months of hearing nothing but praise for the new female-driven superhero movie Wonder Woman, it’s now out on DVD so I finally saw it. Needless to say… Continue Reading


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I love a good young adult, coming of age story. And… I hate a bad one. There’s been a weird phenomenon lately, where most of the ones I’ve see on-screen have been falling into the latter category… Continue Reading

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Often, when a big new animated movie comes out on DVD, we rent it from Redbox and watch it together with our 3 year old for a little family movie night… Continue Reading


The most recent Star Wars movie, Rogue One, is already on Netflix streaming. My husband is a fairly big fan of sci-fi in general and Star Wars in particular… Continue Reading


I’ll be the first to admit that I know very little when it comes things like modern warfare or the intricacies of the recent Middle Eastern conflicts that the U.S. has taken part in… Continue Reading


I saw the trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie a few months back and thought it looked like a fairly promising family movie night choice that my husband and I might enjoy along with our 3-year-old… Continue Reading


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Typically, when I sit down to watch a Pixar movie with my toddler (or in the past, by myself or with my husband…), I know it’s going to be good. Let’s forget about Cars 2 for a moment, and acknowledge… Continue Reading


The Amy Adams/Clint Eastwood baseball movie Trouble with the Curve recently came to Netflix. I’d heard of it before, was vaguely aware that I’d heard of it in a positive light… Continue Reading


My husband Luke was in a journalism class last semester, and he had a homework assignment to watch one of two journalist-themed movies, one of which was the 2016 Oscar winner Spotlight… Continue Reading

Sometimes when I look up Oscar-nominated movies (since I often haven’t heard of them until they are nominated), I get really excited about them. The Big Short was not one of those movies… Continue Reading


I first watched Pixar’s Up years ago, probably around the time it came out on DVD, and I remember liking it, but honestly the movie as a whole was not… Continue Reading


I’m about to say something that could make me wildly unpopular: I didn’t love Despicable Me. Partly, it had too much cutesie/gimmicky humor. And partly… Continue Reading


I have a confession to make. I didn’t like The Notebook. I know, it’s almost like I lose some serious girl-cred to even say that. Because women in general seem to think… Continue Reading


I’m kind of a sucker for historical dramas. Especially romances. So when I saw the trailer for Allied, which hinted at both a romance and a thriller aspect that would keep Luke interested… Continue Reading


Sometimes I’ll see movies that I’ve never heard of in the “Trending Now” list on Netflix, and I’ll get excited about the possibility of finding a hidden gem… Continue Reading