Current Network Shows

The new network TV season is upon us. I’ve been on the lookout for anything promising among the new series, and I think I’ve found one… Continue Reading


I never wanted to write this post. What I wanted was to finish watching season 3 of “Jane the Virgin” on Netflix and go out on the inevitable cliffhanger… Continue Reading


I had literally never heard of “Life in Pieces” when it came to Netflix a couple months ago. Apparently it premiered on CBS in 2015, but I guess I missed it. When I saw… Continue Reading


This TV season seemed to be the season of new time travel shows. I’m not averse to time travel stories in general, but come on, three?… Continue Reading


There’s actually a social media campaign going around right now to stop ABC’s “Last Man Standing” from being canceled. I completely understand the sentiment… Continue Reading


There seemed to be quite a bit of hype surrounding NBC’s new drama “This Is US” when it premiered this last fall, and honestly even still now after the season has ended. Part of that hype is probably because it stars Milo Ventimiglia… Continue Reading


When new the new show season was approaching last fall, I hopped onto the Google like any good screenwriter/TV aficionado would do, and I searched to see what new offerings were to be had… Continue Reading


Fox’s new drama series “Pitch” was on my radar when it came out this last fall, but I wasn’t terribly interested in watching it until I saw some good reviews by a Facebook friend of mine… Continue Reading


CW’s “Frequency” looked to me like it might be okay, when it first came out this last fall. But it didn’t excite me enough to jump on the premier bandwagon and wait to watch an episode faithfully every week… Continue Reading