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Review of Catholic kids DVD Totally Toddlers -- The Alphabet

Most of the other Catholic parents that I’m acquainted with allow their little kids to occasionally watch harmless cartoons… Continue Reading

I was five years old when the first Toy Story movie came out. It wasn’t the absolute favorite movie of my five-year-old self by any means, but… Continue Reading

Even if you’re super into Santa Clause stories (which, for the record, I am not), the sheer number of generic, almost made-for-TV type movie options along these lines that can be found… Continue Reading

Catholic-perspective review on Disney and Pixar's Coco

Basically, when you hear that a movie is Pixar, you know it’s good (we’ll forget about Cars 2 for a moment). Most of the time, Disney Pixar movies… Continue Reading

A Wrinkle in Time is More Flash than Substance

I’ve never read Madeleine L’Engle’s fantasy classic novel. And I only knew very vaguely what it was about, until I googled its plot before watching the movie. So, I’m not at all of the camp that is up in arms… Continue Reading

Apparently, I missed hearing about this movie when it first came out in 2014. I’d never heard of it until we stumbled upon it on Netflix one day while… Continue Reading

I remember, at some point in my adolescence, a new prime-time comedy show came out on one of the networks, a show called “Baby Bob.” The premise was… Continue Reading

Often, when a big new animated movie comes out on DVD, we rent it from Redbox and watch it together with our 3 year old for a little family movie night… Continue Reading

I saw the trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie a few months back and thought it looked like a fairly promising family movie night choice that my husband and I might enjoy along with our 3-year-old… Continue Reading

Typically, when I sit down to watch a Pixar movie with my toddler (or in the past, by myself or with my husband…), I know it’s going to be good. Let’s forget about Cars 2 for a moment, and acknowledge… Continue Reading

I first watched Pixar’s Up years ago, probably around the time it came out on DVD, and I remember liking it, but honestly the movie as a whole was not… Continue Reading

I’m about to say something that could make me wildly unpopular: I didn’t love Despicable Me. Partly, it had too much cutesie/gimmicky humor. And partly… Continue Reading

Kids shows are annoying. Let’s face it. Put them on loop, and we parents basically want to shoot ourselves… Continue Reading