My Novel!

In addition to writing screenplays that no one has heard of and these amazing movie and TV reviews that not many people read, I’ve also written a young adult novel called Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby.

Catholic YA romance novel Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Geeky writing prodigy Sydney Camden has always dreamed about finding true love. When she ends up dating Josh Simpson, king of her Catholic high school, it seems too good to be true.

And it is.

It ends in a date-rape, and in her rapist fatally crashing while he drunkenly speeds away from their encounter.

As Sydney begins spiraling into the safe escape of her story-worlds, along comes Calvin. He’s an annoyingly handsome British guy who just wants to find a smidge of happiness after losing his Mum to cancer and moving to Seattle to live with his relatives, the Simpsons. He’s not expecting to fall for some American girl at first sight, certainly not at his newly-dead cousin Josh’s funeral.

Sydney claims she wants nothing to do with this relative of Josh’s. But as Calvin becomes entangled in her tragic story, she begins to see that the Divine Author is writing her a much different love story than she expected.

Check out the sample pages here. Or you can order it here! And be sure to spread the word if you like it! The more successful it is, the more likely I’ll be able to convince someone to make it into a movie 🙂

Praise for Sydney and Calvin Have a Baby

Thorne’s genius in crafting this ‘cursedly dashing British fellow’ is the reason this (not really!) typical teenage tale, which could have potentially come off as trashy in the hands of a less-adept wordsmith, is worthy of high praise amongst diehard March-for-Lifers and Cafeteria Catholics alike… Oh! this book. It isn’t for the weak-of-heart, folks, but somehow I wish everyone would read it.” — Jeanie Egolf, Catholic children’s book author

This book is listed as a YA novel, but the subject matter might make some readers a little hesitant. I mean, high school students having a baby is not something you expect to find in Christian teen fiction. But this book surprised me. It was such a delight… Through Calvin’s voice, this difficult story is filled with a clever sense of humor. The messages in this story, that babies are a precious gift, that good things can come out of tragedies, and that faith is our stronghold, are so important and sadly are not heard often enough in our society.” — Leslea Wahl, Christian young adult author

I read a lot of young adult novels… But this one is different for a couple of reasons–one, it’s a specifically Catholic novel, and two, it starts with a rape and ends with a baby. That’s pretty heavy stuff for a teen novel… But the lovable, quirky main characters and the fresh narrative voice (Calvin, whose British accent you can almost hear) add humor and humanity without ever glossing over the truly terrible events in the story.” — Leslie Sholly, Catholic blogger